What to look for in woodlands

Red squirrel

A true character of the pinewoods you can see red squirrels all over the National Park. They are active through the day, especially just after dawn and before sunset. 

red squirrel information


Scottish crossbill

Crossbills use their unusual, twisted bill to force open pine cones to get at the seeds inside. The best chance to see them is when they come down to drink at woodland pools.

scottish crossbill information


Crested tit

Identification is easy because there’s no mistaking the distinctive crest. Although often in the tree tops, they will come down to lower branches.

crested tit information 


Wood ants

At first you might think the wood ants nest is just a pile of old needles and leaf litter. But there can be up to half a million ants in a colony, that’s roughly the population of Edinburgh. The needles are very carefully placed on the mound to form a thatch. This acts like an umbrella shedding water off the nest, and also regulates the temperature. 

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