Species Work

The Cairngorms National Park is a stronghold for biodiversity and supports a quarter of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan species as well as many others that are nationally and internationally important.  

Approximately 1200 species in the National Park are considered to be important for nature conservation, many of them are rare and endangered and some would go extinct in Scotland if the populations in the National Park were to disappear.


There are a number of key species where vital conservation work is being delivered to ensure they thrive within the Cairngorms. This work, by a range of organisations, land managers, various groups and individuals, is vital to the areas continued importance for biodiversity. Click on one of the tabs above to find out more about individual projects that are goping on.


Looking to the future, we are also assessing the potential for the restoration of vertebrate species in the Cairngorms National Park. A report compiled by the Cairngorms Nature Team explores the positive and negative aspects of species restoration.  This report recommends investigating the potential for the return of Eurasian Beavers and Common Cranes to the Park.



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