Priority Species Work


Habitat and landscape scale actions are likely to bring benefits for many of the species in the Park. However, some species are in need of urgent conservation action and have very specific management needs.

Consultation with local and national experts identified 26 species selected for focused action over the next five years:


Wildcat  (Felis silvestris)

Mountain hare  (Lepus timidus)

Red squirrel  (Sciurus vulgaris)



Golden eagle  (Aquila chrysaetos)

Capercaillie  (Tetrao urogallus)

Lapwing  (Vanellus vanellus)



Small dark yellow underwing  (Anarta cordigera)

Mining bee  (Andrena marginata)

Pine hoverfly  (Blera fallax) 

Pearl bordered fritillary  (Boloria euphrosyne) 

Northern February red stonefly  (Brachyptera putata)

Northern damselfly  (Coenagrion hastulatum)

Kentish glory  (Endronis versicolora)

Dark bordered beauty  (Epione vespertaria) 

Freshwater pearl mussel  (Margaritifera margaritifera)

Violet oil beetle  (Meloe violaceus)

Northern silver stilleto fly  (Spiriverpa lunulata)

Wood ants – 4 species


Vascular Plants

Alpine blue sow thistle  Cicerbita alpina  

Twinflower  Linnaea borealis

One flowered wintergreen  Moneses uniflora

Tufted saxifrage  Saxifraga cespitosa



Green shield moss  (Buxbaumia viridis)



Scarlet splash  (Cytidia salicina)  

Crimson waxcap  (Hygrocybe punicea)  



Powdered sunshine lichen  (Vulpicida pinastri) 

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