Farmland & Grassland advice

Farming is the oldest industry in the National Park, and the Cairngorms have always been home to some of the highest quality farming in the UK. 

Our farmers produce the best quality, naturally reared Beef, Lamb and Pork. The sustainable way that the farmers and crofters manage the land has helped shape the rich and iconic landscapes of the Park.

Farming Advice

The farming industry is constantly evolving, from market ups and downs and new farming practices all the way through to funding and best practice. We know how essential farming is to the National Park and we want to make sure that our farmers are setting the standard for sustainable production of the best quality food.

Farming isn’t easy, but to help CNPA can offer one on one advice and farm reviews as well as special workshops and events. We also have a rush topper to help with the management of wet areas. If you have questions on farming matters we can find you an answer.


Sustainable Farming

In the Cairngorms National Park we are proud to have some of the most sustainable models of farming in the UK which produce some of the highest quality food. We want to make sure that every farm in the Cairngorms is sustainable, both environmentally and economically. To help our farmers make the National Park a model of sustainability, we work closely with partners like Quality Meat Scotland, SAOS and the Soil Association.



A major source of funding for farm businesses in the Cairngorms is the Scottish Rural Development Programme. This helps hundreds of our farmers secure a valuable amount of income for managing their land for biodiversity. Advisers from the National Park work with farmers and their agents to ensure that farmers are able to deliver the work of Cairngorms Nature hand in hand with producing high quality food. We want to make sure that Farmers can make the most of this programme of funding so that nature can make the most of farms.



CNPA are proud to deliver projects that help develop farming in the National Park. A fantastic example of this is the ‘Cairngorms Monitor Farm’ project run with Quality Meat Scotland which has been hosted by two farmers from Deeside and Strathdon. The projects have looked at everything from tenancies and market trends to lambs and neeps! Both incarnations of this project have been huge successes and we are proud of the way farmers have embraced it. Further details of these projects can be found here.


For further information or advice contact Bruce McConachie
Land Management Adviser
01479 870550

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