What to look for in farmland and grassland


This is perhaps one of the most distinctive birds to look out for with the its head feathers, ‘peewit’ call and looping display flight. It is also unfortunately in srious decline and the fields of strathspey are one of its last strongholds.

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Brown Hare

If you’re not used to seeing hares here are three tips to tell a rabbit from a hare: they’re much bigger, the ears are longer with black tips and the back legs are longer, raising the hind quarters well off the ground when they move.

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A bird of prey near the road and near farmland is most likely to be a buzzrd. Often confused with eagles, the buzzard is common throughout the Park.

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Roe Deer

Roe deer often come out of the woodland fringes to feed in the fields in the morning and late evening. Smaller than red deer, they have a strong ginger-red coat in summer and a darker grey-brown one in winter. 

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