CNP Important Species

Many species, especially insects, fungi, lichens and mosses have evolved highly specialist lifestyles and are only found in a few places in the UK. The Cairngorms has many of these less common habitats and so many of these rarer species are found within the National Park area. Few of these species are specifically protected under legislation but none-the-less require protection.

The Cairngorms National Park Authority has consulted experts in the various groups of animals, plants and fungi to help identify which species of particular importance to the National Park. Initially a list of some 1200 species was identified. This list is not simply a list of the SBL species that are within the CNP but those for which the area is particularly important, for example where the park is a strong hold of the species or even where they are only found here within the UK.

From this long list as shorter one of about 400 species was made. This includes species that are most likely to be encountered on development sites and it is designed to assist land owners and developers identify what they should be looking for. It does not therefore identify montane habitat species because these areas are unlikely to be developed. The list is divided into broad habitat types for ease of use. Although not all SBL species are covered by the guidance by looking for those that are others will be found. It is important to remember that this list does not include legally protected species and habitats and they will need to be considered as well. The guidance is currently in the final stages of being drafted and will be posted here shortly.

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